Care & Maintenance Tips

Protect your Hardwood Floor

  • Do not use water on the newly finished floors for one week.
  • Allow 48 hours before placing furniture and having pets on the floor.
  • Before furniture is put in place, apply felt floor protector pads on the bottom of all furniture legs to prevent scratching.
  • Place all rugs 7-14 days after the final coat has been applied.
  • Use a breathable rug pad under all rugs that do not have a breathable backing.
  • Rugs or wipe off mats need to be placed at all entrances and wherever heavy traffic occurs.
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed and filed in order to minimize surface indentations and scratches.
  • Stiletto heels and cleats have high-pressure point objects that may cause indentations in the finish and wood.
  • Never drag any heavy furniture or appliances across a wood floor.

Clean Regularly

  • Blot up spills and spots immediately.
  • Vacuum with a bristle head or dust mop regularly.
  • DO NOT use a household dust treatment on your mop as this could cause a build-up of wax and leave your finish looking dull or prevent your finish from bonding with future finish coats.
  • DO NOT use any oil, wax, silicone-based or solvent containing cleaners on your water based urethane finish. Doing so would prevent your finish from bonding with future finish coats.
  • DO NOT use the steam machines that advertise their use on wood floors. These machines use steam (which is water) and it is penetrated between the boards where the finish is not protecting it and it could break the seal between the finish and the wood.

Here at Sandmasters, we use and recommend the Sh-mop kit and Pro-Care citrus cleaner.
Pro-care citrus floor cleaner for floor maintenance

Long-Term Maintenance

You can expect Sandmasters to be there for you in the future for your hardwood floors. A hardwood floor needs attention when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to the bare wood.

The best way to maintain the finish on your wood floor is to have it recoated periodically. The recoat process takes approximately one or two days (for an average size job) and is virtually dust free. The recoating process includes a light buffing and cleaning and the application of additional coats of finish. This non- invasive process will restore your floors to their original beauty. Ask us about our Instant Cure System that allows you to walk on floors and put furniture and rugs back immediately. No smell. No wait. No kidding!