Instant Cure System

Get Back to Business, Save Time & Money on Tile Maintenance

before and after of instant cure system service in hospital building

Aramark Healthcare
“During the three years of having Instant Cure in our hospital, we have saved thousands of dollars on floor care maintenance. We have been able to reallocate our resources to other areas of need.”
Sandmasters was the first company in this area to introduce the latest breakthrough in commercial tile flooring protection: our Instant Cure System. It’s designed for vinyl, VCT, luxury vinyl, terrazzo, rubber and other substrates—it cures fast, gets you back to business faster and can simplify (and shorten) your facility’s maintenance program. Your floor maintenance routine becomes simply dust mopping and sanitizing, reducing your costs by up to 50% or more. Once applied, simply wipe away spills, dirt and germs. And when it’s time to recoat, there’s no stripping, waxing or buffing—just abrade the surface with water and reapply the Instant Cure coating.

The Instant Cure System is ideal for:
• Clinics
• Schools
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Hotel lobbies

In hospital surgical rooms, the Instant Cure coating has an added benefit—Betadine cannot penetrate it. Like every other commercial application, its greatest advantages are its durability and resistance to staining.

Benefits of Instant Cure Technology

Environmentally friendly 50 VOC which is Federal & State compliant
• 12-18 months before repairing or recoating (vs. once a month, two-person traditional waxing routine, for example)
• Closed-cell coating seals germs beneath coating layer—clean up spills with a damp cloth

Click here to learn more about our Instant Cure coating—a green innovation in commercial tile floor protection.

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