Health Care

Maximizes Employee Productivity, HCAHPS Scoring and Facility ROI

Before and after of instant cure treatment for flooring in health care building

INSTANT CURE is ideal for all health care areas and offers these other benefits:

  • Emergency rooms and ambulance areas
  • Procedural areas, operating rooms and all areas covered under the AORN
  • Patient rooms including ICU and floor beds
  • Nursing stations and hallways
  • Stain-resistant finish that is AORN compliant
  • More effective disinfection of flooring between applications, reducing turnover time
  • Eliminates need for burnishing and airborne foreign material caused by burnishing
  • Reduces floor maintenance time and money
  • Appealing and safe environment for patients, visitors and medical staff
  • Applications can be done at times that will not negatively affect quiet times on nursing units, reducing any negative impact on HCAHPS “quiet” scoring

For more information on Sandmasters’ Instant Cure System for commercial applications, please Contact us or call:

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