Instant Cure System

Instant cure system being applied by Sandmasters flooring repair tech
Repaired floor after instant cure system treatment

Sandmasters was the first company in this area to introduce the latest breakthrough in hardwood flooring protection: our Instant Cure System. This emerging technology gives customers a product that is extremely durable, with a soft, warm look that only hardwood floors can achieve.

Hardwood flooring must be maintained to preserve its luster. The traditional coating and sealing process uses solvent-based products that may be harmful to the environment, have potent odors and take several days or weeks to completely cure. To achieve maximum hardness, it can take 7 to 14 days using a catalyzed coating and up to 30 days for a non-catalyzed finish. If a floor is exposed to traffic before it’s fully cured, premature scuffing, scratching and wear can occur requiring more maintenance and expense.

Our “Instant Cure System” offers something that traditional finishes cannot. With the use of photo initiators and ultraviolet light, a photochemical reaction crosslinks the molecules. We are able to harden the finish into a protective coating that is extremely durable and easy to clean, curing the final coat of finish instantly after drying.

The Benefits of Instant Cure Technology

  • Minimal odor
  • Environmentally friendly 150 VOC which is Federal & State compliant
  • The most durable water-based urethane product we have found on the market
  • 2-3 times more scratch resistanat than traditional finishes
  • Immediate heavy traffic use
  • Immediate placement of furniture and carpets
  • No overnight accommodations needed due to curing times or odors
  • Great for high traffic residential homes
  • Also recommended for retail stores, hospitals, gym floors, hotel lobbies, and any commercial areas.