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Green Bay residents rely on our team at Sandmasters Hardwood Floors for quality flooring attention because they know the service is second-to-none. We work with homeowners to make sure their flooring vision comes to life right down to the color and finish. From hardwood floor installation to floor refinishing, our team of flooring savvy technicians is up for any job you might have in mind. Every job at Sandmasters is real wood installed, sanded, stained, and finished by real master craftsmen—that’s why our customers continue to refer us to fellow neighbors throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. If you’re considering having hardwood floors installed or if you want your current flooring refinished, give us a call at 262-284-0000 or contact us on our website.

Green Bay residents have their flooring cared for by Sandmasters

Green Bay is much more than just home to the Packers—it’s the “Toilet Paper Capital of the World!” In the early 1900s, the world’s first splinter-free toilet paper was invented by Northern Paper Mills of Green Bay. You may recognize them today as Northern Tissue. Green Bay is the oldest city in Wisconsin and still remains the largest employer in the paper and shipping industries. When Green Bay residents hire Sandmasters to refinish or install new hardwood flooring, we will follow in the footsteps of Northern Tissue and furnish the flooring splinter-free, we promise.

Sandmasters refinishes hardwood floors in Green Bay

The process of refinishing and staining hardwood flooring is no easy feat—that’s why our customers call Sandmasters. If your floors are looking dull and you’re seeing more scratches appear, hardwood floor refinishing can have them gleam like new again. Our pricing is fair and our work isn’t done until your floors look flawless. The process of refinishing hardwood floors takes approximately one to two days and allows us to see any deep scratches that may need sanding and repair. Recoating maintenance protects your hardwood investment, prolongs its lifespan, and showcases its beauty for years to come. Traditional coatings can take weeks to dry and set, but our Instant Cure System sets up in the same day. No need to wait for floors to dry—your home can be put back together in no time at all. Plus, it’s extremely durable and easy to clean.

Professional hardwood floor installation in Green Bay

Bring a lifetime of lasting beauty to your Green Bay home with hardwood floor installation performed by Sandmasters. Our team of master craftsmen can expertly install any type, color, or finish of hardwood flooring to ensure your dream home comes to life. Our goal is to make your hardwood floor experience of the highest quality attainable. We’ve been performing full home hardwood floor installations since 1986. Your floors will match your home décor with optional custom inlays and borders that will stand-up to your family’s lifestyle. After your floors are perfectly installed, let us offer care and maintenance tips to ensure your flooring is properly cared for. Our care page can be accessed on our website to reference how to maintain your hardwood flooring investment.

Green Bay homes have hardwood floor sanding and repair performed by Sandmasters

If the top coating on your hardwood floors wears through and begins to expose bare wood, damage can ensue that requires our experts to perform sanding and repair. Our specialized machines, decades of experience, and dust containment equipment will make it a clean, virtually dust-free procedure that will overhaul your flooring in a short amount of time. You won’t believe the shimmer and beauty of your floors after a sanding and repair job. As a leader in the traditional wood floor industry, you can rest assured we will always clean up after ourselves leaving your home pristine. Wood floor repair is one of our specialties!

Sandmasters provides commercial floor refinishing for Green Bay area businesses

For over 25 years, we’ve been proudly serving the Green Bay area including businesses with our commercial services. We offer our Instant Cure System to area businesses—especially healthcare facilities—which can save time and money on maintenance programs by sealing the floors with non-slip coating. The coating simply requires mopping and sanitizing which reduces typical maintenance costs. The finish will not absorb pathogens making its sanitary benefits perfect for hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, and more. This environmentally-friendly coating is federal and state compliant, lasts at least 12-18 months before requiring repair or recoating, and is easy to clean since spills sit on the surface. We also offer commercial flooring installation and commercial floor repair so all of your bases are covered at Sandmasters.

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