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At Sandmasters Hardwood Floors, we are continually finding new ways to improve our Kenosha customers’ experience. From prompt hardwood floor installations and repairs, to new techniques and materials for refinishing, we are here to make it happen. We promise to bring your flooring dreams to life, on time and on budget. We’ve been a leading company in the traditional wood floor industry for over 25 years with a location in Saukville and an idea center in Brookfield. Our central location allows us to service all of Southeastern Wisconsin. We are driven by the needs and dreams of our customers—that’s why happy customers give us positive referrals allowing us to grow in the industry and the area. Call today at 262-248-0000 or contact us online for additional information.

Kenosha hardwood floors are maintained by Sandmasters

Kenosha is a charming little city located in between Milwaukee and Chicago. It’s known in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most bars. In the early years of the 1930s, many immigrants traveled to the city and took part in building up Kenosha’s culture and architecture since many of them were craftsmen in construction. And just like the immigrants provided their skills to Kenosha, Sandmasters will do the same. Every scuffed hardwood floor can be brought back to life by our professionals. Whether you just need a simple sanding and recoating or think it’s time to install brand new flooring, we’re equipped to tackle the challenge. We can even create a custom inlay or border allowing your home to stand out from the rest.

Residents in Kenosha have their floors stained and refinished by Sandmasters

Hardwood floors need to be regularly maintained to keep the wood protected and in good shape. If the top layer of coating becomes too worn, the bare wood may be exposed and become scratched. Opt for a hardwood floor refinishing to get your floors looking like new again. Our trained staff can perform recoating maintenance to restore your wood floor’s original beauty and eliminate any sign of dullness or wearing. If deep scratches are present, we perform sanding and repair to erase scratches and even out your flooring. Don’t stress about the waiting period—our Instant Cure System utilizes ultraviolet lights and photo initiators to harden the coating and seal in your beautiful wood floors so your home is livable the same day. Plus there’s minimal odor and it’s two to three times more scratch resistant than traditional finishes. Call today to talk about refinishing hardwood floors in your home.

Kenosha hardwood floors are installed by Sandmasters

Have you always dreamt about having hardwood floors installed in your home? Dream no longer—call Sandmasters and we will help make your dreams a reality with an expert wood floor installation. From durability to color and finish, we can find the perfect wood flooring to fit your home and budget. Plus, we are exceptionally clean and careful when in your home. We use the most effective dust collection equipment to keep your home clean and tidy so there’s no mess when the job is done. If you’re looking for a customized look or a way to spruce up your home, ask us about having a custom inlay or border implemented with your flooring installation. Adding a simple design can make all the difference in the look of your home. Hardwood floor installation isn’t just our job—it’s our passion. Let’s work together to make your Kenosha home amazing.

Sandmasters sands and repairs hardwood flooring in Kenosha homes

If time got away from you and you waited too long to have your wood floor recoated, you may be in need of sanding and repair services to resurface your floor. Our technicians have perfected sanding and repairing wood flooring. Many customers think the resurfaced floor looks better than it did brand new! You don’t even have to worry about leftover dust—we use the most advanced dust collection equipment available to keep our customers’ homes clean. Whatever the repair may be, we can do it. From fire or water damage to deep scratches and pet stains, our team can take care of it. Check out our care and maintenance page for tips and tricks on cleaning, caring for, and maintaining your hardwood flooring.

Kenosha area businesses choose Sandmasters for their commercial flooring needs

Sandmasters was the first company in this area to introduce the latest breakthrough in commercial flooring installation and protection—the Instant Cure System. This Instant Cure floor refinishing system is environmentally-friendly, durable, resistant to staining, and sanitary, making it popular in the health care industry. It forms a nonporous surface that repels liquids and does not absorb pathogens making it a great choice for hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, and more. This system can also reduce your maintenance costs and save on cleaners because all that’s needed to clean is dust mopping and sanitizing. Please call 262-248-0000 or contact us online with any questions you might have or to inquire about commercial flooring.

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