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Oshkosh residents—don’t know where to begin on your new floor installation or restoration? We’ll give you a hint, call Sandmasters Hardwood Floors and we’ll figure out all the hard parts for you. Our passion is flooring and your home hardwood project is no exception. We become inspired by our clients’ dreams and how you envision your home’s hardwood floors before our team flawlessly executes the details. We’ve been tending to Oshkosh residents’ hardwood flooring for over 25 years with a reputation that leaves our customers happy and satisfied. Whether you’re new to hardwood flooring or are interested in refinishing hardwood floors in your home, we will ensure every inch of your flooring is perfectly tended to. Feel free to call us at 262-248-000 with any questions you have or contact us on our website to request additional information. We encourage you to stop by our Saukville location or make an appointment to stop by our idea center in Brookfield—let’s talk flooring!

Oshkosh homes are updated with hardwood flooring from Sandmasters

Oshkosh is commonly known by its nickname—the Sawdust Capital of the World. Back in the day, they were the epicenter of the timber industry throughout the 1800s. Logs would come floating down the Wolf and Fox Rivers to the numerous saw mills. But don’t worry, just because you live in the Sawdust Capital of the World doesn’t mean we will create a sawdust mess inside your home. We use the most advanced dust collection equipment available to keep your home’s environment clean and dust free during your hardwood floor installation.

Oshkosh residents have Sandmasters install their hardwood floors

Let us assist you in planning and designing your new wood floor installation. We specialize in custom inlays and borders that create a grand entrance or add a unique accent to any room. Browse our kitchen, foyer, bathroom, and other gallery pages to get ideas and inspiration. We’ll help you select the best option for your home’s individual needs including meeting your family’s lifestyle and budget. We want to make sure your new flooring stands up to the wear-and-tear of daily life. By installing new hardwood flooring into your home, you can increase your home’s value in the real estate market. Not to mention, it’s the most eco-friendly option for renewable flooring, so get on the greener lifestyle bandwagon. We are an accredited business with National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) since 1988 and often exceed their installation standards.

Have your Oshkosh home’s flooring refinished by Sandmasters

Sometimes the best option for revamping your hardwood floors is to have them refinished. Quality recoating maintenance from Sandmasters will revitalize your wood flooring and have it looking like new in no time flat. Hardwood flooring needs attention once the original finish starts to look worn, but before bare wood is exposed. Oshkosh homeowners, when you’re in need of hardwood floor refinishing, we can do that with extra special care so as to not disrupt any other rooms in your home. Our Instant Cure System is a one day process that refinishes your floors with a protective coating that has minimal odor, is two to three times more scratch resistant than traditional finishes, and allows you to immediately put your room back together and walk around on the floor. We are the first company in the area to introduce Instant Cure floor refinishing.

Sandmasters resurfaces hardwood floors in Oshkosh homes

Does your flooring seem to have scratches aplenty with a few dents sprinkled throughout? Sanding and repair might be necessary in order to resurface your wood flooring and get it looking like new again. Thankfully our skilled craftsmen are up for the task. They can assess your flooring to determine what plan of action is necessary before skillfully performing the job. We utilize the most advanced dust collection equipment available to keep your home and indoor air clean. As another precaution, we tape off cabinets and hang up plastic dust barriers to ensure no dust gets through. We perform repair for water damage, fire damage, deep scratches, pet stains, and more. Whatever flooring challenges you have, we can correct them.

Oshkosh businesses choose Sandmasters for their commercial flooring needs

Oshkosh area businesses have Sandmasters meet all of their flooring needs from commercial flooring installation to commercial floor repair. Our commercial Instant Cure System has been improving health care facilities all over the area. It’s an environmentally friendly floor coating that seals the flooring surface with a nonporous finish so that pathogens won’t be absorbed nor will stains. This system can save time and money with your floor maintenance routine. Simply dust mop and sanitize to clean the flooring and you can reduce your cleaning costs by up to 50 percent. Plus, its sustainability benefits are fantastic. It is also ten times tougher than conventional coating, is slip-resistance compliance, environmentally friendly, and reduces exposure to VOCs by employees and visitors.

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